How to Find your Intel Processor Generation

Intel Processor Generation

As a matter of first importance, numerous individuals believe that Core i3, i5, and i7 are the processor generations. These are models or brands of processors from Intel.

Intel processor generations just have an upgraded feature set and speed compared with past generations.

In the generations change from 6 to 7 of the Intel Core processorsthe processors stayed, for the most part, the equivalent. They were slightly quicker and more productive. Recently, with the switch to the nine generations, the amount of processing cores has changed also.

The Core i9 is Intel's (and the world's) fastest consumer processor yet. Going up to 18 cores, these are CPUs implied for fans and force clients.  In Intel's straightforward terms, the Core i9 is quicker than the Core i7, which in turn is faster than the Core i5. But “faster” isn't generally better” for you.

Find your Laptop or PC Intel processor generation by following these steps:

Step 1

Right-click on This PC or My computer then select the Manage option.

Step 2

Select Device Manager then expands System Devices.

Step 3

Now you can see your processor generation like this.

NOTE: You can also determine processor generation by right-clicking on This PC or My computer then select the Properties option. (Note your number which is back on the processor as a generation)

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