Monitoring Internet Usage in Pfsense

Monitoring Internet Usage in Pfsense

Light Squid is a high performance web proxy reporting tool its provide internet usage on your network. Includes proxy Realtime statistics (SQStat). Light Squid is a Squid log analyzer tool that install and run on Pfsense. By parsing through the proxy access logs, the package is able to produce web-based reports that detail the URLs accessed by each user on the network.

Install and configure Light Squid

1. Open a browser and type the IP address of your Pfsense firewall and access web interface.

2. Type username and password and click on sign in.

3. After a successful login, you will get to the Pfsense Dashboard.

4. On Pfsense click on system menu and select Package manager.

5.  On Package manager click on available package and search light squid. click on install.

6.  Now Installation completed.  

7. Once light Squid installation completed. Before the light proxy configure you need configure you need to configure some proxy settings. click on service menu and select squid proxy server.

8. When squid proxy server settings open. click on general page. on squid General settings select Lan and Loopback in proxy interface and click on Save. 

9. Once Squid proxy server settings completed. click on status menu and select squid proxy report.

10. After squid proxy reports settings open. on Web service settings type Light Squid web password.

9. Report template settings under you can select Language, Report template and bar color

10. Under Reporting settings and scheduler. you can select IP resolve method, refresh scheduler and click on save.

11. After save the settings you need to allow 7445 for open the light squid. for create the rule click on firewall Menu and select Rules. click on LAN and create a rule for allow 7445 port.

12 After Rule created again go to status Menu and select Squid Proxy Reports.

13.  When 
squid proxy reports settings open. on Web service settings click on Open LightSquid. 

14. After click on Open LightSquid you get Username and password prompt. type here Username (Admin) and password which you set in Web service settings and click on Sign in.

15. Once sign in successfully completed. you get reports of squid.



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