How to change JioFiber WiFi Password

 How to change JioFiber WiFi Password

1. Login to www.jio.com

2. Click on sign in on menu bar, Click JioFiber.

3. Enter your Service ID/ Registered Mobile Number, Click on generate OTP.

4. Enter OTP received on Registered Mobile Number.

5. Click on Settings icon.

6. Click on My Device.  

7. Click on JioFiber Home Gateway (ONT)

8. Click on Advanced Settings and click on SSID (Wifi Name) for changing user ID. Then to change the password.

8. Enter new password confirm password and click on submit for save the New password.

You can also change your Wifi Password from MyJio App using following below steps

1. Open my Jio App, If your not login on Jio app. Login to MyJio App, select JioFiber Account.

2. Select Go to JioFiber and select settings. 

3. Select My Device Settings > My Device wait for a few seconds until the JioFiber Router details appear.

4. Select WIFI settings when WIFI settings appear.
5. Click on  SSID(Wifi Name) for changing user ID name. For change the password select Change password , enter new password & confirm password and select Submit.

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