How to fix domain trust relationship

domain trust relationship

When you log on to a computer in a domain environment, you receive the following error message.

Error: The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed

To resolve the issue removed the computer from the domain and rejoin is the domain.

for windows 7

Right-click on my computer and go properties

Now click on change setting

Now click on change on computer name tab

Check on workgroup 

Now type workgroup in workgroup options

and click on OK

Now your system removed from the domain restart the computer

Rejoin your domain

Right-click on my computer and go properties

Now click on change setting 

Now click on change on computer name tab

Check on domain and type your domain name (test.local)

click on ok

now system ask for domain id and password

so type your domain name and password and click on ok

One more option to resolve domain trust issue

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