How to install Windows server update service WSUS

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is use for deploy the latest Microsoft product updates. You can use WSUS to manage the distribution of updates that are released through Microsoft Update to computers on your network.

1. Click on Windows and open server manager

2. Click on Add roles and features

3. Now open add roles and features wizard 

4. Click on Next

5. Click on Next

6. Click on Windows server update services

7. check in Windows server Update services and Add features

8. Click on Next

9. Click on Next

10. Click on Next

11. Click on Next

12. click on  Store update in the following location (Choose a valid local path on localhost of a remote path) and give path of update path (D:\WSUS) Next  

13. IIS is require for WSUS if you click Next by default IIS install  

14. Click on Next

15. Check on Restart the destination server automatically if required 

16. Click on Yes

17. Click on Install

18. Installation progress

19. click on Close

Wsus installation now completed


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