Create Yahoo Mail Account Step By Step

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Create Yahoo Mail Account Step By Step

Yahoo! Mail is an email service propelled in 1997 by the American organization Yahoo, presently an auxiliary of Verizon.


It offers four different email plans:

Three for individual use (Basic, Plus, and Ad-Free) and another for organizations


As of January 2020, Yahoo! Mail had 225 million clients.


For a long time, clients had the option to open records utilizing either ''@yahoo.com'' or the national domain.


Right now, Yahoo! just permits us to enroll ''@yahoo.com'' accounts.


Clients can get to and deal with their letterboxes utilizing a webmail interface, open utilizing a standard internet browser.


A few accounts also supported the use of standard mail conventions (POP3 and SMTP).

Create your Yahoo account by following these steps:


1. Open up your browser of voice and visit the Yahoo homepage.


2. Click "Create an account," found beneath the sign-in credentials form.



3. Fill out all the required fields, including your first and last name, username, password, birthday, and mobile number for two-factor authentication.


4. Click "Continue."


5. Select whether to have Yahoo call or text your authentication code to the mobile number you provided.

6. Enter the 5-digit verification code when you've received it. Click "Verify" and then "Continue."


After that you will receive the OTP for verification and then click on done. 

You're all set. When you click "Done," you'll navigate back to the Yahoo homepage, where you can access your email in the top-right corner.

Here is the Step By Step Guide To Deleting Your Yahoo Mail Account.

Here is how to delete Yahoo Mail account:

  1. Open Yahoo sign-in page on browser.
  2. Sign in to the Yahoo account termination page.
  3. Now read the info on terminating your account.
  4. Use the on-screen prompts to continue.

An alternate way to delete Yahoo Mail account:

  1. You can visit edit.yahoo.com/config/delete_user.
  2. Enter your email address and click next.
  3. Now type in your password and click on Next again.
  4. Then read the terms for terminating your Yahoo account.
  5. Click on “Continue to delete my account”

   Know Your Yahoo Mail...

      Yahoo Mail basically email service provider owned by Verizon Media..

       It Launched in 8th of October,1997.

       As of January 2020, Yahoo! Mail has 225 million users.

      It is very glorious that  Yahoo Mail offers free email accounts with 1 TB of online storage at the        yahoo.com, ymail.com, and rocketmail.com domains.

    Yahoo Mail basically provide you webmail services . It also supports standard Mail Protocols        like POP3 and SMTP.

    User can connect their other non-Yahoo e-mail accounts to webmail client.
    This feature launched in 2015.
     Currently,  Yahoo! only allows users to register only "@yahoo.com" accounts. Countrywide           domain extensions in email id not available now.

    Our readers may glade to know that Yahoo! acquired Four11 for $96 million.
    On April1,2004 Google announced its Gmail Services with 1GB of storage.
    Most major webmail providers, including Yahoo! Mail, increased their mailbox storage in
     In December 2013, Yahoo Mail suffered a major outage where approximately one million 
    users, one percent of the site's total users, could not access their emails for several days.
     Then Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer publicly apologized to the site's users.
     Yahoo! Mail China officially announced its shutdown on April 18, 2013.

     In January 2014, an undisclosed number of usernames and passwords were released to 
     hackers, following a security breach that Yahoo believed had occurred through a third-party

     Yahoo contacted affected users and requested that passwords be changed.

     In October 2015, Yahoo updated the mail service with a "more subtle" redesign, as well as
     improved mobile features. 

     The same release introduced the Yahoo Account Key, a smartphone-based replacement for
     password logins.

    In 2017, Yahoo again redesigned the web interface with a "more minimal" look, and   
    introduced the option to customize it with different color themes and layouts.

    In 2020, Yahoo added a feature to view NFL matches.

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