How to Delete Google Location History

Google Location History

Google Maps Timeline shows a gauge of spots you may have been and courses you may have taken dependent on your Location History. You can alter or erase your Location History including time ranges in Timeline whenever. The course of events is private, so no one but you can see it, and it's accessible on mobile and desktop.
In the event that you have different settings like Web and App Activity turned on and you stop Location History or erase area information from Location History, you may, in any case, have area information spared in your Google Account as a major aspect of your utilization of other Google locales, applications, and administrations. For instance, area information might be spared as a major aspect of action on Search and Google Maps when your Web and App Activity setting is on and remembered for your photographs, contingent upon your camera application settings.
Delete Google Location History:
Step 1

Login in your account from here:


Search Location History and click on it.

Step 2

Click on Manage Activity.

Step 3

Select Year, Month and Day which day of history you want to delete. 

Step 4

Click on the Delete icon.

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