How To Install Active Directory In Windows Server 2012

How To Install Active Directory In Windows Server 2012

Active Directory: Active Directory Is Used To Store Object Like Users, Computers, Printers, Network Devices, etc, And It's Provide Authentication And Authorization. We Can Manage Centrally All Database All Information Modification.

Here We Are Going To Install ADDS (Active Directory Domain Services).
Some Important Point To Keep In Mind While Installing ADDS.

  1. IP Configuration: According To You Organization DNS Pointed to Appropriate DNS or if Its First Domain In Forest then DNS Pointed To Itself.
  2. Hostname Should Be Changed, Never Use Default Hostname.
  3. Network Should Be Connected.

Click On Configure This Local Server In Server Manager.

You Need To Configure Local Server To Make It Domain Controller. Firstly Give Computer Name As I Have Given Windows2012. Then Remote Management Should Be Enable To Take Server In Remote. Then Ethernet Configuration Must Be Proper In Order To Connect DNS, Gateway, Subnet Mask. Server Should Be Patched  And Fully Updated To Reduced The Security Risk To Minimal Level. its should Be Activated, And Most Important Time Zone Should Be Proper, Many Time People Forget To Correct Time zone And Then they Faces Issues. 

Now We Need To Click On Add Role And Features Windows Prompts as below Image.

Before We Begin There Are Few Things To Know.

  • Administrator Account Has Strong Password.
  • Network Configuration As Earlier We Discussed.
  • And Server Is Patched.

Installation Type 

Role-Based Installation Or Feature-Based Installation: This Option If We Installing Role In Physical Machine Itself.

Remote Desktop Services Installation: If We Are Installing Services Or Role Or Feature To Virtual Hard Disk To Remote Server Configuration Can Be Done.

Server Selection 

Select Server From The Server Pool : We Have Only One Server Shows, If We Added More Server Its Shows Here and We Can Select Multiple Server To Install Role From This Console.At Same Time.

Select Virtual Hard Disk If You Are Installing  Role in Remote Server Or Virtual Hard Disk.

Select The Role Which Do You Wanna Install. Select Active Directory Domain Services. its Prompt Additional Feature to Install ADDS. So Click On Add Feature. Next It Will Prompt Feature, If You Want To Install Other Recommended  Feature You Can Install From Feature Tab. Default Its Select Which Feature Require For ADDS Host Its Select Group Policy Feature.

All Recommended Feature Will Automatically Selected By Server And Install If You Want To To Select Any Other Feature You Can Select Like DNS, Hyper-V, WSUS.

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Store Information Like User, Computer, On The Network, AD DS Help Administrator Securely Manage This Information And Facilitate Resource Sharing And Collaboration between Users.

Confirmation Installation Selection. Which Feature Will Be Install With ADDS This Shown Here.

Now Installation Is Start To Process. Which Feature Will Going To Install Is Shown Here.

After Successfully Completed Installation We Need To Configure Active Directory. So Click On Promote This Server To A Domain Controller.

Select the Deployment Operation.

If you Want Add Server As Additional Server Select Add A domain Controller to an existing Domain.

If You Want To add Server As Child Domain Select Second Option Add A New Domain To An Existing Forest.

If This Is Your First Domain Controller Then Select Third Option Add a New Forest.
For Doing This You Have To Very Clear Concept Of  Forest, Child DC, Additional DC.
For Example, See Below Image

Give Root Domain Name As Itsuupport.local.
Give Your Domain Name As You Want In Your Environment.
Next to Domain Controller Options.

Forest Functional Level: IF All Of Your Domain Controller Is Windows Server 2012 Then  You Can Select Windows Server 2012 Else You Can Go For Downgrade Version, Windows Server 2008.

Forest Must Be Operational From Windows Server 2012.

If Domain Are Windows Server 2008 OR Windows Server 2003 You Have To Choose Appropriate Version Of Your Server Version.

Next to Domain Controller Capability

Default Its Take DNS And GC (Global Catalog)

This Is First DC For That Its Selected GC. DNS Is Optional.

Next RODC Read-Only Domain Controller. If Your Office Is In Different City. You Want To Install Active Directory But You Don't Trust Administrator From That Branch Office To Modify Server Configuration. So RODC Is Best Option. That Administrator Only View Data Cant Modify.

Next Type Directory Services Restore Mode Password

These Should Be Complex And Keep Safe For Any Accidental Crash Or Server Fails To Load Hard Disk. Then You Can Restore Directory From This Password.

If You Already Install DNS Then Its Automatic Delegate But Here Its Shows You Have To manually Configure DNS Pointed to This domain.

NetBIOS Domain Name if You Are Using Old Application Or Old Versions Of Windows That Require It Or Use WINS.

Click Next For Paths Option.

Next Prompt Ask For AD Database, Log Files And SYSVOL Folder Access Path.

Default Its Select C:/Windows. You Can Choose Different Path If You Want To Store Database To Different Location.

Next Step Will Prompt Summery Selection.

After Checking Review Its Going To Check Prerequisite For Any Error, If There Are Any Issue In Configuration Here its shows error.

Finally, Click On Install Button To Install Active Directory Roles.

Now You Are Ready To Configure Directory.

Server Manager Prompt Will Automatic Restart Server.


Then Its Ask Domain Administrator Password. And You Ready to Go.

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