How To install and Use SSH Client in Windows 10

How To install and Use SSH Client in Windows 10

Microsoft announced he was bringing an integrated OpenSSH client to Windows in 2015. they are now finally done it. and ssh client add-in windows 10 Apps & features. now you can connect to secure shell server form windows 10 without installing putty and other software.

If you need to install ssh in windows use the following steps.

click on windows key and select setting.

When the setting screen appears click on Apps

Click on Optional features

Click on add a feature

Select OpenSSH Client and click on install

When the installation completed open command prompt  run as administrator and type ssh root@***.***.***.**  (IP Address) 

By default the ssh command working on 22 port. if you need to connect another port you just type -p and port number.

ssh root@ -p 7777

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