How To Install IIS In Windows Server 2012

How To Install IIS?

Open the Server Manager and click Add Roles and Features as shown below:

Next Page determine Which Roles, Role Services, Or Feature To Install Based On The Computing Needs Of Your Organization.

Select Role-based or Feature-based Installation:

Select the local Server as shown below By Default, If You Want To Install Another Server From This Console You Can Select Multiple Server.

Select Web Server (IIS) 

Its Prompt For Tools That Require For IIS So Click On Add Feature.
Next Page No additional features are needed for IIS, so click Next : 

Next Page Prompt Small Summary Of IIS.

Customize your installation of IIS, or accept the default settings that have already been selected for you, and then click Next 

Click Install :

When the IIS installation completes, the wizard reflects the installation status:
After Click On Manage -> IIS.

IIS Successfully Installed.

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