How to Lock Windows 10

Lock Windows 10

Possibly you haven't installed the Windows 10 Creators Update yet. Or then again perhaps you have however don't have any desire to depend on Bluetooth and the new Dynamic Lock highlight to bolt your PC when you leave its region. Regardless of your explanation behind locking your PC physically, you should realize that you have four ways to lock your PC. They are:

1. Windows+L
Click the Windows key and the L key on your keyboard. Keyboard alternate way for the lock.

2. Ctrl+Alt+Del

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. On the menu that springs up, click Lock. Done.

3. Start button

Tap or click the Start button in the base left corner. Click your user icon and then select Lock.

4. Auto-lock through the screen saver

You can set your PC to lock automatically when the screen saver springs up. Go to Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Change screen saver and afterward check the box for On resume, display logon screen. You can likewise set a period for how long your Computer should hold up before beginning the screen saver. Presently, when you exit out of the screensaver, you'll have to enter your system password to get back in.

With Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft moved this screen saver setting from the Control Panel to Settings. You can discover it by going to Settings > Personalization > Lock screen > Screen saver settings

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