Shortcut to lock windows 7

How to Create Shortcut to lock windows 7

Here we are discussing about how to lock your windows login screen with shortcut method, generally we always use to press keyboard shortcut key that is “Windows + L” key combination to lock our login screen but some user use one click lock the screen.

There are mainly four method to lock your Desktop

1. By Keyboard Shortcut Key "Windows + L
2. By Creating Shortcut KEY
3. From Start manu Shudown Option and Lock button
4. By Keyboard Combination Key of "CTRL + ATL + DELETE" and Select Lock this Computer

Second Method Creating Shortcut KEY

To create one click lock your screen, create one shortcut by following steps

[1] First Right-Click on desktop and go to New than select Shortcut,

[2] By above selection, it will open up “Create Shortcut” Wizard, after open specify the file or program file for responsible to lock system. 

Enter “rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation” into shortcut text box, than Click NEXT

 [3] Next step ask you for the Name of Shortcut, Enter a name for the shortcut, and then click Finish.

After Finish you can file Shortcut icon with name as you have given on your Desktop.


Third method is of Keyboard Shortcut

You can lock your PC by clicking on Start button and go to Shutdown button Select Lock.

Fourth Method is of Keyboard Shortcut

In this method keyboard keys are used. To lock press CTRL + ATL + DELET simultaneously. Than Click on "Lock this computer" Option.

That’s all about creating lock your desktop by Shortcut.

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