When will Windows 10 version 1709/1803/1809/1903/1909 expire

Microsoft updates the major versions of Win10 every six months, and has now released the major versions version 1507/1511/1607/1703/1709/1803/1809/1903/1909. 
Correspondingly, these versions also have their own service expiration time, at which time Microsoft will stop service support for this version. 
Because Microsoft cannot always serve the old version, on the contrary, he hopes that users can update to the latest version immediately.
As of now, the services of Win10 1507/1511/1607/1703 have expired and become history, so MS chiefs will no longer display their service start and end dates here. 
The following table shows the service start and end dates of the Win10 1709/1803/1809/1903/1909 version currently in service.
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Note: The service period of Enterprise Edition/Education Edition is extended by one year

Win10 1709/1803/1809/1903/1909 service expiration time list

versionRelease dateService expiration time (Home Edition/Professional Edition/Professional Education Edition/Professional Workstation Edition)Service expiration time (Enterprise Edition/Education Edition)
Win10 1909November 12, 2019May 11, 2021May 10, 2022
Win10 1903May 21, 2019December 8, 2020December 8, 2021
Win10 1809November 13, 2018May 12, 2020May 11, 2021
Win10 1803April 30, 2018November 12, 2019November 10, 2020
Win10 1709October 17, 2017April 9, 2019April 14, 2020

If you are still using the old version, you must update to the new version before the service end date, so that you can get Microsoft Windows Update and other service support to ensure the safety of the system and get new feature pushes.

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