Turn Off or On Security and Maintenance Messages in Windows 10

Turn Security and Maintenance Messages Off or On

By default, Windows will automatically check for issues of Windows Update, Network firewall, Windows Troubleshooting, and different things, and afterward, send you a message if issues are found. If you would like to know how to hide or show such messages on your computer, this blog will illustrate how to turn security and maintenance messages off or on in Windows 10 for your reference

Step 1: Open Action Center.

Click Windows button, type Security and Maintenance in the search box and tap Security and Maintenance in the result.

Tip: You can also open Security and Maintenance in Control Panel/System and Security.

Step 2: Go to change Action Center settings.

Tap Change Security and Maintenance on the left side.

Step 3Turn off or on security and maintenance messages.

Deselect Security and Maintenance messages of the items provided, and click OK.
Select items offered in Security messages and Maintenance messages, and then click OK.

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