Best FTP Server For Windows

Best FTP Servers For Windows

1. SolarWinds SFTP/SCP

SolarWinds SFTP/SCP server is used for network and system admin. It is an ideal FTP server for backing up files, downloading images, and transfers files. 
It is protected by default and uses TCP port 22 for transfer data securely over an unsecured connection. 
Our team uses this for backing up the configurations on Cisco routers and switches. 
The install is very easy, requires minimal configuration (just a username and password) and you are all set. It can be set to run as a service so it is always accessible. 

2. FileZilla

FileZilla is an open-source FTP server for Windows. It supports FTP and FTP over TLS which gives encryption between the server and client. 

FileZilla server has a simple and simple to utilize interface. It gives basic functionality that you would expect in an FTP server like making user accounts, speed limits, logging, IP filtering, groups, and granular permissions.

It is a good decision for basic FTP tasks, for example, uploading and downloading files internally. It needs enterprise includes so I would be cautious of making this available externally. It utilized FTP by default so it is unreliable, you will need to enable FTP over TLS to encrypt traffic.

Setup is simple to run the installer, select an administrator port, and run the server interface. Then you only need to create users or groups with privileges to a home directory and you’re ready to go. 

3. Serv-U

Serv-U is designed for small organizations that need to deliver quick, simple, and secure transfer files

Serv-U supports FTP and FTPS  for securely file transfers. You can encrypt communication using SSL or TLS so data is protecting during transit. 

One of our favorite features of this product is the feature to transfer files from a web browser or a mobile device. This eliminates the need for clients to set up an FTP client to download or upload files. The web and mobile interface lets you simply view, upload, and download files. With an interactive drag and drop choice, your clients can share files from anywhere. 

Additional features include support for large file transfers, storage, permissions, monitor sessions, granular control over bandwidth, and access. You can also view and monitor logs in real-time to help troubleshoot. 

Serv-U an enterprise-level product at a very affordable price. 

4. Titan FTP

Titan FTP is a commercial product for small to large organizations, it also comes in other versions. 

Just like the other FTP server programs Titan supports multiple protocols that enable for secure file transfers. 
Titan allows you to configure granular control down to the user level, set privileges by servers, groups, or users.  Titan also includes a web interface in the enterprise edition and enables users to access and upload files without an FTP client. 

Titan has hacking prevention mechanisms built into the product. Whenever unauthorized attempts of password guessing are detected the server can ban future access from the client IP. 


IIS FTPS Server is an FTPS server that is included out-of-the-box with the Windows server. IIS FTPS Server enables FTP transfers with TLS/SSL encryptionTo find out the server all you should simply go to the Windows Server Manager dashboard and open up the Add Roles and Features wizard, go to the Role Services page and check the FTP server option. You would then be able to install the server.
Inside IIS you can go to Sites and click add FTP site to begin configuring the server. For FTPS, you can configure connections to require an SSL certificate to secure your file transfer content.

IIS FTPS Server is worth a look in case you’re already utilizing IIS. It is important that you will need to obtain (or create) a TLS/SSL certificate to lead secure transfers.

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