File and folder sharing on Windows 10

How to share a file on Windows 10

On Windows 10, you can share files and folders on your computer for other network users. you can share file and folder using sharing options its inbuild tools in the windows operating system provides.

Files and folders sharing Depending on your network environment and what type of you want to share a file and folder in windows 10. you want to share files and folders for all users and another file and folder sharing is share file and folder using specified user permission. 

File sharing on Windows 10

1. Select a folder which you are want to share for users, and right-click on folder and select properties

2. On new folder Properties select Sharing Tab

3.  Under Network File and Folder Sharing click on Share

4. On Network access find Everyone and click on Add

5. Click below Permission Level and select which type of Permission user require 

6. Click on Share

7.  Click on Done

Advanced File sharing on Windows 10

1. Select a folder that you are want to share for users, and right-click on folder and select properties.

2. On new folder Properties select Sharing Tab. 

3. Click on Advanced Sharing

4. Check the box Share this folder

5. Click on Permissions

6.  On Permissions for new folder Click on add type the user name (Which user on you want to give share permission) and click on OK

7. When user add select the user and give permission (Full Control, Change, and Read)

8. Click on Apply and OK

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