Fix hard drive Issue on Windows 10

How to fix hard drive Issue on Windows 10

If you have found hard drive related error on windows 10 computer. you can easily check that problem using the inbuild Check Disk tool to resolve many common problems. 

What is the check disk?

Check disk is a tool that inbuild in windows operating systems. its use to scan the integrity of the file system on a volume and resolve any logical errors. It is also capable to scan and repair bad sector of the hard drive. if there is not a physical problem.

How to repair hard drive errors using Disk check.

1. Open File Explorer using windows key +E.

2. Select This PC from the left pane.

3. Right-click on hard drive that you want to check and repair and select Properties.

4. Click on the Tools.

5. Under “Error checking,” click on Check button.

6. Click on Scan drive option.

7. Now C: drive scanning started. 

8. If that utility didn’t find any errors, click the Close. but if there are an errors found that couldn’t be repaired, you will be prompted to schedule another scan during the next restart.

Repair hard drive errors using Command Prompt on Windows 10

1.click on Start.

2. Search for Command Prompt, right-click on command prompt and select Run as administrator.

3. Type the following command and press Enter:

chkdsk /f c:

4. You get a message "Checked the next time the system restarts?" type Y and press Enter

5. If you want to fix bad sector also Type the following command and press Enter:

chkdsk /r c:

Once you have completed the steps, the hard drive should now be resolved the issue of errors and bad sectors, and it should start working properly again.

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