How To Uninstall Mozilla Firefox

Uninstall Mozilla Firefox

Step 1

Close the Mozilla Firefox browser (if already Firefox is open): Click the Firefox menu (three dots at right-top) and select Exit.

Step 2

Click the Windows Start button or press the Windows key.

Step 3

In the Start menu, select Settings.

Step 4

In Settings, select Apps and then Apps & featuresFrom the list of currently installed programs, select Mozilla FirefoxFrom the list of currently installed programs, select Mozilla Firefox.

Step 5

In the Mozilla Firefox Uninstall Wizard that opens, click Next.

Step 6

Click the Uninstall button.

NOTE: If Firefox is still open, you must close Firefox to proceed with the uninstall.

Step 7

Click Finish.

Remove User data and settings

The uninstaller does't delete user information such as history or bookmarks. If you wish to completely delete this data, you must manually remove the Firefox folder containing your user profile:

Step 1

Click the Start button or press the Windows key to open the Start Menu.

Step 2

Type %APPDATA% and press enter to open the hidden Roaming folder.

Step 3

Open the Mozilla folder.

Delete the Firefox folder.

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