Start Restart And stop Service In Windows

Windows services are special apps that are running in the backgroundMost of them have no interaction with the user session. Services are one of the most important parts of the Windows NT operating system family, which was started with Windows NT 3.1 and includes all modern Windows versions like Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. you can enable to create long-running executable applications that want to run in their own Windows sessions. These services automatically started when the computer boots, you can be paused and restarted and do not show any user interface.

If you need to start, restart, and stop the service in the Windows operating system use the following steps.

Click on windows key +R for Run

When Run Screen appears type services.msc and press enter 

Select a service and right-click on service select start

Select a service and right-click on service select Step

Select a service and right-click on service select Restart

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