Deploy wallpaper using group policy

How to deploy wallpaper using group policy

If your organization has an Active Directory server and If you want to deploy to a specific wallpaper in your organization. you can do it using Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). there are multiple ways to set wallpaper on your computers. In this post, we will see the easiest way to configure desktop wallpaper using GPO.

Deploy Desktop Wallpaper using GPO

1. Open the Group Policy Management Console using command gpmc.msc. On the Group Policy Management Console, select an organizational unit (OU) where you want to deploy wallpaper and right-click on organizational unit (OU) and click Create a GPO in this organizational unit (OU).

2. Give it a name and click on OK

3.  Right-click on Policy and select Edit.

4. Expand User Configuration > Polices > Administrative Templates > Desktop, click on Desktop.

5. Double-click on Desktop Wallpaper, click on Enable and give UNC path in Wallpaper name, select fill in wallpaper style click on Apply and OK 

On the client machine open command prompt and run gpupdate /force for the policy update. log off and login once for changed the desktop wallpaper.

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