Fortinet Hyperscale Firewall

Fortinet Introduces the World’s First Hyperscale Firewall FortiGate 4400F

FortiGate 4400F is the Only one Firewall Capable of Securing Hyperscale Data Centers and 5G Networks, Delivering the Industry’s Highest Performance with Security Compute Ratings of up to 13x.

Fortinet continues to push the boundaries of hardware-accelerated performance to enable the convergence of security and networking. Fortinate call Security-driven Networking. The FortiGate 4400F Network Firewall delivers unprecedented scale and performance that is up to 13 times better than other products. this is only a network firewall capable of securing hyperscale data centers and 5G networks, FortiGate 4400F leads the industry in what is possible for data center security.

Fortinet is a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, Fortinet announced on 6th august 2020, the world’s first hyperscale firewall, FortiGate 4400F, setting new milestones for Security Compute Ratings to deliver unparalleled performance, scalability and security in a single appliance to meet escalating business needs. FortiGate 4400F is powered by Fortinet’s latest seventh-generation network processor (NP7) to offer hardware-acceleration, making it the only network firewall that is fast enough to secure hyperscale data centers and 5G networks.

The present most carefully creative associations face heightening and regularly flighty limit needs that are rapidly outpacing their security arrangement's presentation abilities. security has become the stifling point for traffic entering and leaving most hyperscale server farms, antagonistically influencing client experience, and carrying efficiency to a slither, causing many system administrators to feel constrained by business requests to forego security shields. Permitting all traffic to stream uninhibitedly into and out of an association's system without security frees associations up to the danger of cyberattacks, which can seriously harm their image notoriety and cause possible misfortune in income because of expanded personal time.

The equipment increasing speed by means of direction manufactured NP7 organize processors of FortiGate 4400F exceptionally conveys the primary single minimized apparatus with security execution and scale that stays aware of the development of the present hyperscale server farms and empowers the accompanying use cases:

High-Velocity e-Retail: FortiGate 4400F Allows high-velocity e-retail businesses to deliver the best possible user experience for their customers by supporting tens of millions of connections per second, enabling essential layer 4 security, and delivering hardware-accelerated prevention of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Cutting-edge research:  Enhances productivity for cutting-edge research facilities and other verticals like oil and gas by supporting the secure transfer of extremely large datasets its also known as elephant flows of up to 100Gbps. For situations that require encrypting at high speeds, IPsec can be turned on non-intrusively to support high-bandwidth IPsec tunnel flows.

Financial institutions, cloud providers, and other large enterprises:  FortiGate 4400F allows businesses to launch services in the most agile and secure fashion possible to increase productivity and revenue. By accelerating VXLAN-based segmentation, FortiGate 4400F enables super-fast communication between massively scaled services that are co-hosted on physical and virtualized domains. These large scale segments can be protected with essential Layer 4 or advanced Layer 7 security.

Comparison of the world's top firewalls on the market against the FortiGate 4400F series.

FortiGate 4400F vs. other firewalls


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