Install apps in windows 10

How to install apps windows 10 step by step

After windows 8 Microsoft in build so many features on Microsoft operating system. Microsoft inbuilt store (Microsoft merged its other distribution platforms Windows Marketplace, Windows Phone Store, Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Xbox Store, and a web storefront also known as Microsoft Store) App on windows operating system. if you need to install an apps on windows 10 you can easily install the app using the following steps. 

1. Click on start and search store.

2. When Microsoft store appears click on Microsoft store.

3. Find an app you want to install on computer.

4. Select an App click on Get.

5. When you click on Get, You get Sign In option (If you are using  a local account you need to login with Microsoft account). 

6. Select Sign In.

7. Select your Microsoft account, Enter your username and password and select Sign in.

8.  Enter your PC's login password and select Next to change your login account to your Microsoft account, or click "Sign in to just this app instead" to keep your PC's login as-is.

9. Click on Install.

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