Custom Color for windows 10 Start Menu

 How to choose a custom color for Windows 10 Start Menu

If you want to change start menu color in windows 10. You can easily change the color using following steps. 

1. Frist click on Start and select settings.

2. When Settings open, click on Personalization.

3. In Personalization settings, click on Colors.

4. In the Colors settings, Choose your color drop-down menu. In the menu, select Custom.

5. Under “Choose your default Windows mode,” select “Dark". This Dark mode is required for colorizing your Start menu in windows operating system, but if you are already selected the “Custom” color scheme, then its not require.

6. in the Choose your accent color. click on color that you want to apply on your computer. 

7. If the want to also change Start, taskbar, and action center color, check the box Start, taskbar, and action center and Title bars and windows borders. also make sure you select “Dark” as your default Windows mode above. It won’t working in Light mode.

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