Run command for remote desktop


Run command for RDP client

The Run command for

First of all use Windows Shortcut Key To open Run

means Windows key + R

Run command for remote desktop

It will open Run, now type command "mstsc"

Just open Run from start menu and type mstsc in the text box next to open and press enter.

Note: Windows Client Operating systems like win 7/10 allows you only one rdp connection at a time. Same in Windows Server Operating system multiple session available and multiple user can work on it remotely.

Console Switch in Mstsc command

If you want to connect same user session every time you can use /console switch with mstsc command.

Because It creates a new user session every time in general and to avoid this you need to use /console command.

mstsc /console

You can use command prompt or Run Windows for the that.

Use /f switch  for opening remote desktop session in full screen mode

Add /f switch to the command.

mstsc /f

/v switch to take remote with computer name

Use /v switch in this case.

mstsc /v:computername

How to specify rdp file when we use remote desktop connection settings using a rdp file

mstsc RDP_filename

How To Create RDP File

A RDP file can be created using the ‘Save As‘ button in the General tab in mstsc(Remote desktop connection client) window.

These commands work on XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Server 2003/2008 operating systems.

To Open Remote Desktop Manager with Run Command

Hey ! sorry but no direct run command available for opening remote desktop connection. 

You can find at location...

C:\Program Files\Remote Desktop Connection Manager\RDCman.exe

By specifying this complete path we can launch connection manager.

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