Full backup of Windows 10

 How to Take full backup of your Windows 10

Backup of computers is the best way to put safe the data in case of hardware failure, apps, and windows so related issue, as well as malware attacks that can damage and corrupt windows operating system files. If you are a user of windows 10 there are so many option to create a backup of computer. you can easily take backup of windows 10 in internal and external storage.

A full backup as it contains a copy of including the OS installation, settings, apps, and files. if you need to take backup of you windows 10 computer use the following steps.

Backup of windows 10

1. Click on Start and select Settings.

2. When settings open, Click on Update & Security.

3. Click on Backup.

4. Under the "Looking for an older backup" section, click on "Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7)".

5. Click on Create a system image.

6. Under "Where do you want to save the backup?" select On a hard disk option and select a hard drive, click on next.

7. Under "Which drives do you want to include in backup?" by default OS drive, EFI System Partition and Windows Recovery Environment selected here. you can also select form here if you want to backup of another drive and click on Next.

8. Click on Start backup.

9. After backup completed click on Close.

Once complete the steps, the backup tool will create an image of the system that includes everything on the primary hard drive and system reserved partition and other drives you may have selected during backup configuration.


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