How to create a signature in Outlook

 How to create an email signature on outlook

Email signatures are common in business environments. These signatures usually give you information about the mail sender. This information give you the information of mail sender like person name, designation and some other information. if you need to create your signature in Microsoft outlook use the following steps.

Add a Signature In Outlook

1. Open Outlook app on your computer.

2. When Outlook app open click on file.

3. Click on Options.

4. When Outlook Options windows open click on Mail.

5. On the page of mail in Outlook Options click on Signatures.

6. On the windows of Signatures and stationery click on New.

7. When New signatures windows open type name of signatures and click on OK.

8. On the Edit signature type signature and change the settings of new messages and replies & forwards for email signatures and click on OK.

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