How to Install FAN Nagios

 How to Install FAN Nagios

Fully Automated Nagios (FAN) is a Linux distribution based Network Monitoring system. that installed on CentOS that comes pre-built with some of the most commonly used tools with Nagios. It will automatically install and configure LAMP and centreon web console so you directly configure your object like server, network devices, IBM Servers, cisco devices, files, data center, temperature, CPU Fan, Hard drive, memory, printers and others devices with customized scripts.

System Requirements for FAN Nagios

Minimum system requirements

4 GB free disk space
1 GB of RAM.
1 processor core

Recommended system requirements

20 GB plus the required disk space recommended essentially for /var. Disk space needed by MySQL and rrd files
2 processors core or hyper-thread for each virtualized CPU.
2 GB of RAM.


You can install FAN on VMware ESX 3.5 or vSphere 4.1, but it is not recommended for large perimeters (1000 hosts and 5000 services for example). However we recommend using one vCPU.

Installation of FAN Nagios

Installing FAN is similar to installing a standard CentOS. It is quick and intuitive. No installation help is necessary.

1. After down loading .ISO file , start booting It. and select Install FAN standalone.

2. Choose installation Language.

3. Choose Keyboard Type.

4. click "YES" to initialize your hard drives. Depending on your installation type (Physical/Virtual).

5. Choose required partition. Swap partition should be more than 1.5 % of RAM and Allocate at least 60 GB of HDD space for data retention of 3 months.

6. Choose your Geo-Graphic Location.

7. Set your root password.

8. Installation in Progress...

9. After installation completed restart the server.

After restarted the server configuring your Network Interface using following command.


All monitoring tools have now been installed and configured. From a network computer home page, open your browser and go to  http://@_IP_FAN_SERVER

Default login/password : nagiosadmin/nagiosadmin

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