How To Activate Windows 10 Offline

 How To Activate Windows 10 Offline

If you installed windows 10 and you don't have internet access and you want to activate your installed windows 10 operating system use the following steps.
  1. Press Windows logo key (Start key) + R for Run Windows à type slui 4 and click on OK (Note that there is a space between slui and 4)

  1. Select your location (India) from the drop-down list and then select next.

  1. It will fetched toll free number, contact number and 63 digits installation ID.  
  1. Call to the fetched contact number to reach the Microsoft Product Activation Center and follow the instructions suggested by IVR.
  2. After following the instructions guided by IVR, He will ask to type the 63 digits installation ID from your mobile.
  3. When you typed the installation id from your mobile, after that IVR gives you Confirmation ID, which has to be type on your computer and click on Activate Windows.

  1. To know Windows 10 Activation Status command prompt type the below mention command on command prompt.

Slmgr.vbs /xpr

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