How to install windows server 2016

How to install windows server 2016

Windows server 2016 is a server operating system developed by Microsoft part of windows NT.

Power on the server which server on want to install windows server 2016 

Go to Bios and set first boot device cd rom  

Insert windows server 2016 image CD

once cd insert in cd drive press ctrl +alt+del

after restart the system press any key once show massage on your computer screen

Now file load start

Click on Next

Click on Install now

Select on Windows server 2016 Standard Evaluation(Desktop Experience) for GUI. if you want command base installation  select Windows server 2016 standard and windows server 2016 Datacenter Evaluation and click on Next

Check on (I accept the License terms) and click on Next

Select Custom: install windows only(advanced)

Click on New for the partitions.

After partitions creations done click on one drive where you want to install windows server 2016

Now windows installation start

After installation done restart your computer and Now getting devices ready

Now you set here your server password

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