How to Install active directory in server 2016

How to Install active directory in server 2016

Active directory is database which database store user information computer information and other network info.

1. Click on windows and select server manager.

2. Click on Add roles and features.

3. Click on Next.

4. Select  Role-Based or feature-based installation  and click Next.

5. check on Select a server from the server pool.

6. Check on Active directory domain services now you get a new windows here  you click on Add features.

7. Now 
Active directory domain services Selected click on Next.

8. Click Next.

9. Click Next.

10. Click on Restart the destination server automatically if required and YES and Install.

11. Now Active directory domain services installation start.

12. Active directory domain services installation completed and click on close.

13. Now click on yellow mark under server manager and click on promote this server to a domain controller.

14. Now open Active directory domain services configurations wizard.

15. Now type here Root domain name (local.com).

16. Domain controller capabilities domain name system and global catalog already checked if you want  to install Read only domain controller (RODC) check the box but here I have install my first domain controller no need to install rode here.

17. Type here directory services restore mode(DSRM) password and click on Next.

18. Click Next.

19. Click Next.

20. Now here you see your server database, logs file and sysvol folder path.

21. If you want to change your server database, logs file and sysvol folder path click on yellow mark and if you don't want click Next.

22. Here review options.

23. Here prerequisites check.

24. Prerequisites check passed successfully completed click on Install.

25. Now active directory domain services installation start once installation completed server go for restart.

26. After restart server login with server administrator account and open server manager and click on tools.

27. Open Active directory user and computer using dsa.msc command.

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