How to Allow Ping Through Windows Firewall

How to Allow Ping ( ICMP) in  Windows Firewall

ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is a supporting protocol. that protocol use for check the communications between one IP address to another IP address.

ICMP differs from other protocols such as TCP and UDP, which are not commonly used for the exchange of data between systems.

If you want to enable firewall on your computer other users not able to ping on your IP address for enabling the ICMP packet. allow ICMP request in windows firewall.

For creating ICMP rule on windows firewall

select windows key +R and type firewall.cpl

There are windows appear Now click on Advanced setting  

There are windows appear Now right click on inbound Rules and click on New Rule

Now selected custom and click on Next

Select All programs and click on next

Click on protocol type and select ICMPv4 once its selected click on Next

Click on Next  if you want to select source IP address you can able to do from here

Select All the connections and click on Next

Select Domain, Private and Public and click on Next

Type name here ICMP Allow and click on Finish

The rule created in firewall rules now you can also able to ping source to destination IP address. 

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