How To Install Virtual Machine On ESXI

What is Virtual Machine ?

Virtual Machine Are Based On Computer Architecture and provide functionality of Physical Computer. its isolated Duplicated of real Computer Machine.
The Physical Hardware Running On The VM Is Generally Known As 'HOST', And The Virtual Machine On That Machine Is Generally Known As 'GUEST'. Many Guests Runs On Single Host Depends On Host Hardware Configuration. Each Guest Acts As Different Operating System With Different Hardware Configuration.

The Following Step To Create Virtual Machine : 
Step 1 : You Need To Login Into ESXI Web Based Console In Order To Create Virtual Machine. After Successful Login Into console It's look Like Below Image.

Step 2 : Click on Virtual Machine will shows left side Virtual Machine Details that present on that Virtual Machine. Again Click to Virtual machine to Create New VM. Image Shown Below.

Step 3 : When you Click On Create Virtual Machine its Prompt New Windows. There Are Three Option to Create VM. Each Option Has different Purpose. First Option For Create New VM, Second Option For OVF or OVA File, If You Have Already Snapshot From Any VM In OVF Format You Can Choose these Option, Generally We Used OVF Format. The Last Option  For those Who Has Backup Of Existing VM Can Use last Option. Image Shown Below.

Step 4 :  In This Window You Need To Give Name Of Your VM. You Can See I Have Given 'Windows Server 2019', You Can Give Your Own Virtual Machine Name.This Name Can Be 80 Character Long.
This Wizard Has Three More Option : Compatibility : This Option For ESXI Version If You Want To Install VM In Downgrade Version Of ESXI 6.0 Or Any Available Version You Can Select From There.
Guset OS Family : Here You Can Choose Appropriate OS Like Windows, Linux, Debian.
Guest OS Version : Here You Can Choose Appropriate Version Like windows 7/8/10, Server 2003/2008/2012/, ubuntu, fedore etc.Image Shown Below.

Step 5 : Storage Option: Here Available Storage Shows here, SAN, NAS, SAS, Will Shows here, You Need To Select Appropriate Storage Device.Image Shown Below.

Step 6 : Customize Setting : Here We Get Option For Hardware Configuration.
Memory : This Option For RAM You Can Select That Would Be Available As Host Has.
Hard Disk : For Hard Disk Size As Required For VM, You Can Add Additional Hard Disk Also.Hard Disk Has Two More Option, Thick And Thin Provisioning. Thin Provisioning Provides Storage As-Needed Basis and Thick Provisioning Provides Fixed Hard Disk Storage Size. Image Shown Below.

Step 7 : Click On CD/DVD And Select Location Of ISO File. If ISO File Is In Your Machine Select Host Device Or Else Select Database Storage That ISO File In ESXI Storage. Image Shown Below.If ISO file Not In Datastore You Need To Upload In DataStore. 

Step 8 : To Upload ISO FIle In Datastore Click on Upload Tab than Select Your ISO File and Upload. If Already ISO File in Datastore Select ISO File And Click Next To Create VM.

Step 9 : Now Summary Of Your Virtual Machine is Described In Below Image.

Step 10 : Finally Your Virtual Machine Is Ready to Boot. Here We have Created Windows server 2019 OS In Vm.

Now You need to click on Newly Created VM To Start Virtual Machine and Click on Power On To Install Virtual Machine Which Is Any OS As Per Requirement. Image shown Below.

Finally, We Have Created Virtual Machine. If You Have Any Query Regarding Install Virtual Machine Kindly Contact us. Thanks, Visit For More. 

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