Repadmin Command

Repadmin Command

Repadmin:  Repadmin.exe is a windows command line utility that allow to you diagnose and repair the Active directory replication In a domain forest between two domain controllers that are running on windows. Repadmin command first introduce in server 2003. 

Note: - If your Active directory servers work properly kindly there are no need to create and 
modify replication topology. In case if any changes will occur it may impact on active directory replication.

For run the command Repadmin require administrator credentials on each domain servers. if your user id member of domain admin group you can able to run repadmin command on windows servers.Enterprise Admins group members are by default member in the domain admin group on all domain controllers in the forest.

For open command prompt Run as admin click on Start-cmd right click and Run as administrator

For repadmin help command 
Repadmin provide us different type of help. kindly use following option for repadmin help menu. 
Repadmin command
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Referance:- https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/it-pro/windows-server-2012-r2and2012/cc770963(v=ws.11)#:~:text=To%20use%20Repadmin.exe%2C%20you,perspective%20of%20each%20domain%20controller.

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