How to Enable Private Browsing in internet browser

Private browsing has been introduced in 2005, after some time for every browser to get behind it. now no matter which internet browser you use surfing the internet without leaving behind a local trail of history, passwords, cookies, and other assorted bits of information

Open an InPrivate Browsing Window in Internet Explorer

First, open internet explorer

Click on Settings select Safety and click on InPrivate Browsing

Open Incognito Mode in google chrome

First, open google chrome

Click on three dots and select incognito Windows you can also open incognito Windows using ctrl+Shift+N

Open a Private Browsing Window in Mozilla Firefox

First, open Mozilla Firefox

Click on Menu and select New private Windows you can also open New private Windows using ctrl+Shift+P

 Open an InPrivate Browsing Window Microsoft Edge

First, open Microsoft Edge

Click on three dots and select new InPrivate Windows you can also open incognito Windows using ctrl+Shift+N

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