How to install telnet in windows 7

How to install telnet in windows 7

Telnet is a command tool that provides access to a command interface on a remote host. It used to test Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connectivity.

Here we learn how to install telnet service on windows 7/8/10 system. Let's check the different ways of installing Telnet on windows.

Method 1: From Control Panel 

[1] First go to control panel from start Manu or you can also open control panel from RUN

[2] When control panel is open go to Programs

[3] In Programs you can find “Torn Windows Features on or off” click on it and it will open one wizard

[4] When Windows Features screen appears Select check the box Telnet Client and click on OK

Click on Close

After installing telnet service you can check telnet by typing telnet command on cmd.

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