What Does SMH Mean?

What Does SMH Mean?

The initialism “SMH” has been around for some time, and you’ll frequently experience it in chat rooms and on social media websites. But what does SMH mean? Who thought of it, and how would you use it?

“Shake My Head” or “Shaking My Head”

SMH is a web initialism that means “shake my head” or “shaking my head.” It’s utilized to communicate disappointment or disbelief in the face of what’s perceived as glaringly obvious stupidity or extremely obliviousness.
As you would expect, SMH is utilized in any situation where you may really shake your head in real life.On the off chance that you caught somebody say, "I don't utilize clothing cleanser" at the market, you would probably blink a couple of times and move your head around in shock and disgust.  At the point when something very similar happens on the web, the expression “SMH” can be used to communicate that “I had a full-body reaction to your sheer stupidity” without composing multiple letters.
It is not necessarily the case that SMH is constantly utilized without anyone else. People tend to accompany SMH with a conclusion, like "SMH that is no joke" or “SMH people don’t know how to use a Speed Stick.”
All in all, SMH is a truly clear initialism. However, where did it come from, and how do you use it correctly?

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