Add a printer in Windows 10

 How to add a printer in Windows 10

If you want connect a printer on your Computer use the following steps for install the printer.

1. Click on Start and search control panel.

2. Double click on control panel for open.

3. When control panel open click on Device and Printers.

4. When device and printer open click on Add a printer.

5. A windows open " Choose a device or printer to add to this pc" If printer not show there click on The printer I want isn’t listed.

6. Select form here with type of printer you want to install. I have network printer so i choose "add a printer using a tcp/ip address" and click on Next.

7. in device type Select Autodetect. In  the Hostname or ip address type IP address of printer. check the box of "Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use" and click on Next.

8. After click on Next Printer driver automatically install on your computer.

9. If you want to that printer is a default printer of your computer check the box set as default printer.

10 Click on Finish.

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