Disable command prompt using GPO

 How to disable run command using group policy

Create a group policy to block command prompt for the users of a OU

The Windows Command Prompt called the DOS prompt is a tool that inbuild in windows operating system. its  allows administrators to troubleshoot computer errors and run batch file functions. the commands prompts to make administration easier and more efficient. The normal user has little use for the command prompt. if you are working in IT filed and you need to disable the command use the following steps.

Disable Command Prompt via Group Policy object.

1. Click on Windows key + r for Run.

2. when run open Type gpmc.msc and press enter.

3. When Group policy management open, Right-click on Group Policy Objects and click on New.

4. When New GPO windows open type the policy name and click on OK.

5. Right click on policy name and select Edit.

6. When Group policy management editor open navigate to User configuration > Policies > administrative Templates > system and double click on Prevent access to the command prompt.

7. When Prevent access to the command prompt open select Enable. if you want to Disable the command prompt script processing also select Yes and click on Apply and OK.

8. Right click on OU and select Link an Existing GPO.

9. Select the Policy template and click on OK.

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