Disable forced system restarts GPO

Disable forced system restarts GPO

The auto system restart is a common issue after windows updates. You are face that issue many times you are working on your computer and you get a windows notification stating that your system needs to restart because of a security update. In windows system which is under domain you can control using GPO.
In some cases, users have not knowledge, and users not notice that massage the computer restart automatically. In that case, users lose important unsaved data. So you can disable that option using GPO. 
For configuring that policy:-

Login on your domain controller and click on start-Run and type gpmc.msc and press enter.

After press enters open new windows Group Policy Management Editor go to Computer Configuration >Administrative Templates >Windows Component > click on Windows Update.

In the right panel No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled Double click on

Click “Enabled” to enable the policy

and apply and ok

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