Tracert Command

Tracert Command

Tracert :-  The tracert command is a command line utility that use for trace destination IP address. It’s also use for details of packet and path whatever destination you specified.

Open command prompt type tracert /? and press enter

Following example are show all the options.

tracert -d -h maximum_hops -j host-list -w timeout target_host

What the parameters do:

   -d Specifies to not resolve addresses to host names

   -h maximum hops Specify the maximum number of hops to search for the target

   -j host-list Specifies loose source route along the host-list

   -w timeout Waits the number of milliseconds specified by timeout for each reply

   target host Specifies the name or IP address of the target hos

If you want to know destination ip address path type tracert google.com and press enter

C:\tracert  -d google.com and press enter

Here we are using tracert -h 20 google.com -h is a hope count. if you use -2 then system show you only 2 hope

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