Multithreaded file copy in windows 10

How to file copy Robocopy multithreaded in Windows 10

If you need to copy files to another drive on Windows computer, you use the standard select, copy, and paste process. this process works perfectly fine, speed becomes a bottleneck as trying to transfer a lot of files can take a to much time.

As an alternative use Robocopy (Robust File Copy) command, which is a command-line tool built into Windows operating system that provides more features to move data to another location more quickly.

One particular multi-threaded feature that allows you to copy multiple files at the same time.

If you use the multi-threaded copies feature on Robocopy to speed up the transfer process of files and folders to another drive on the Windows operating system.

Use multi-threaded feature with Robocopy

1. Click on Start Search Command Prompt.

2. Right-click on command prompt, and select Run as administrator.

3. When command prompt opens, type the following command to copy the files and folders to another drive and press Enter:

robocopy C:\source\folder\path\ C:\destination\folder\path\ /S /E /Z /ZB /R:5 /W:5 /TBD /NP /V /MT:32

robocopy C:\Users\abc\Downloads\opensupports_v4.4.0 c:\Users\administrator\desktop /S /E /Z /ZB /R:5 /W:5 /TBD /NP /V /MT:32

When you copy the above command make sure to change the source and destination paths with your configuration.

Robocopy command breakdown

Robocopy has a lot of features. we are using the following switches to make copy reliable and fast.

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