What is WannaCry Ransomware ?

WannaCry is a ransomware worm. It started spreading on May-2017 across networks.

How WannaCry Infect?

After infecting a Windows computers, It encrypts files on the Pc's hard drive and making them impossible to access.

After encryption, it demands a ransom payment in bitcoin to decrypt the data.

Josh Fruhlinger noted the factors made the initial spread of WannaCry.

According to him initially wannacry struck a number of important and high profile systems,including many in Britain's National Health Service.

It exploited a Windows vulnerability that was suspected to have been first discovered by the United States National Security Agency and it was tentatively linked by Symantec and other security researchers to the Lazarus Group, a cybercrime organization that may be connected to the North Korean government.

Many government institutes of China,Russia,US, and Europe are mostly infected!

Although India was among the countries worst affected by the WannaCry attack.

NHS England was also the victim of ransomware attack.

It results in some patient's operations being canceled.

Ransomeware is a malware that gets installed in our PC or mobile device and holds our files or operating systems functions for ransom.

It restricts the user from using their device and from accessing their files and demands to pay some ransom.

If it fails to pay the users data will be lost.

How WannaCry works?

WannaCry works by encrypting user's data. After that, it shows notification to user to pay for decrypt data.

Payment is taken in Bitcoin.

Mostly ransomware could arrive as an email attachment or as a download on your computer.

For your system to become infected,you will have to click on or downloading the attachment or file, which causes the program to run and infects your computer with ransomware.

How To Protect?

If you are using windows 10, windows vista, windows 7, and windows 8.1 systems, you will be protected by updating and installing latest released patches by Microsoft.

Patches for Wannacry Ransomware :

If you’re not of a mind to do thing automatically you can set it to manually install patches.
• Use this link to download update Manual :
MS17-010 Update for Windows 8.1
The first option is for 64bit system and another option for 32bit system
MS17-010 Update for Windows 10
The first option is a 32bit system and a second option for a 64bit system
Update link for MS17-010 for Windows 7 and Server 2008
Choose the first 64bit system choice or the second 32bit option.
Links Update for MS17-010 for Windows XP and Server2003 and 8
In the case of a user that has MacOS who might not be technically sound knowledge, have them click on the AppStore and select “update” next to the patches that need to be installed.

  • No matter what your platform of choice.
  • Make sure that you have malicious software protections installed and that they are kept up to date.
  • Your system firewall should deny inbound connections and anti-virus should be kept current.
  • While these programs are not a 100% guarantee, by any stretch of the imagination, they will help with the lot of the cruft that could negatively affect your systems.

Note: Wannacry Ransomware Patches(Updated)

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