Change Hostname on Ubuntu

 How to Change Hostname on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

The hostname of ubuntu 20.04 LTS is set at the time of operating system is installed or if you are a virtual machine it is dynamically assigned to the instance at startup.

If you need to change the hostname on an ubuntu 20.04 LTS system. use the following steps. 

Note:- Make sure before you are logged in as a user with sudo privileges. A hostname is a label that identification of machine on the network. You don't use the same hostname on two different machines on a same network.

View the Current Hostname

1. Right click on desktop and select open in terminal

2. When terminal open type hostnamectl and press enter.

Change the hostname

Change the system static hostname to itsuupport, you would use the following command:

& sudo hostnamectl set-hostname itsuuport

Again type hostnamectl and press enter for check the new name of computer.

You can also change the hostname using host file. for the change the hostname using host file use the following steps.

1. Right click on desktop and select open in terminal

2. Type command vi /etc/hosts and press enter.

3.  when host file open press insert.

4. Change the hostname and press ESC :wq for save the file

How to change host name on Ubuntu

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