How to install pfsense

 How to install Pfsense Step by Step

 Pfsense is an open source firewall/router computer software distribution based on FreeBSD operating system. Pfsense Community Edition is the partially open source version while Pfsense Plus has moved to a closed source model. you can install it is on physical computer or a virtual machine to make a dedicated firewall/router for a network. if you want to install Pfsense use the following steps.   

Hardware requirements for install Pfsense.

Download Pfsense from here

Make a bootable CD/Pendrive and insert on your computer which server on you want to install. If you want you install on Virtual server just extract the image file. and restart the server.

1. CD/DVD or USB stick and set the BIOS options to your booting method (CD/DVD or USB) and choose the boot options by pressing a keyboard function keys, usually F10 or F12, Pfsense will start booting...

2. As the Pfsense starts booting you get a welcome screen.

3.  Accept the Copyright and distribution notice.

4. Select install Pfsense and click on OK.

5. The system by defaults to selected standard US keyboard if you want to another keyboard language select form here and TAB on Select.

6. If you want to default disk select Auto (UFS) BIOS and click on OK. you can also do manual disk setup using the steps.

7. Fetching the distribution files.

8.  After installation completed you get manual configuration screen if you want to manual configuration click on yes if not click on no.

9. Installation completed Select Reboot for Restart the server.

Pfsense requirements

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