Pfsense Resetting to Factory Defaults

 Reset Pfsense Factory Defaults

If you need to configure Pfsense firewall and during the configuration something goes wrong and you need to reinstall Pfsense operating system. in Pfsense firewall configuration can be reset back to defaults,  a process which also attempts to remove any installed packages. This reset can be performed using the following steps.

Pfsense firewall will automatically reboot with a default configuration after the reset, which may require console access to resolve.

Note:- This process does not remove any changes made to the file system, it only resets the configuration.

1. Open internet browser, enter Pfsense firewall IP address and access web interface. type username and password and press sign in.

2. Click on Diagnostics Menu and select Factory Defaults.

3. Following settings will be affected by the reset.

Reset to factory defaults

LAN IP address will be reset to

System will be configured as a DHCP server on the default LAN interface

Reboot after changes are installed

WAN interface will be set to obtain an address automatically from a DHCP server

webConfigurator admin username will be reset to 'admin'

webConfigurator admin password will be reset to 'pfsense'

4. Click on Factory Reset.

5. Click OK to confirm the action and start the reset process.

Factory Default from the Console

1. Access the console menu locally or via SSH with an admin account.

2. Enter the menu option for Reset to factory defaults (e.g. 4) and press enter.

3. Enter  y to confirm the action.

4. Press Enter to start the reset process.

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